Understanding deep philosophy and psychology

Understanding deep philosophy and psychology and its impact in the world can be difficult. Jordan Peterson is an amazing man, he is a master in understanding philosophy and psychology and this podcast he did with Joe Rogan is one of the most amazing interviews I have ever watched. Jordan Peterson has been outspoken about the poor approach the SJW’s have been taking about their need to be addressed in new and unique ways.

Through the conversation Jordan explores how he handles incredible pressure and why he feels people must learn to stand by what they believe in. During in the interview he begins to philosophically look at how we build society and how we must stop and carefully consider how we are advancing it.

Even if you don’t agree with all of his opinions, he is in my opinion one of the most intelligent, wise and loving men that we have on the planet. The subjects discussed may be triggering for some audiences so before you watch, ask yourself “Am I mature enough to deal with the real issues in the world and hear other opinions than my own?” If you can’t perhaps skip this clip as you may find it offensive to a closed mind.

To everyone else, this discussion covers history, identity, dealing with drama and even old texts such as Greek myths and the Bible. It really is a must watch for anyone that deeply wants to evolve themselves to make a better world.

The quote of the podcast for me is “The salvation of society lays in the hands of the honest, admirable individual, no the society itself.” I just can’t give this wise man enough credit for his brilliance.

This discusion is what I was aiming at in my podcast with Jordon Molotsky which you can watch here, elaborating on the philosophic nature of society and how we as individuals must improve ourselves to really improve the world rather than blame and externalise our problems.

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