History is not set in stone….

In order to know what we know, we must not know something else. So what happens when we find out the thing that we didn't know? Well we need to go back to the beginning and check what else we may not know. History is something that is continuously evolving,...Read More

Avocados are ancient gold…

Avocados are an amazing food. Do you know where they come from? Watch and learn the amazing facts about avocados and how we still have them to this day. Eat well :)

You are connected to Earth’s electric field

RESONANCE - BEINGS OF FREQUENCY from james russell on Vimeo. Watch this compelling discussion about how frequencies impact our physical and mental beings. If science was honest about the damage commercial EMF radiation caused to our personal EMF balance, almost every big company would go bankrupt overnight and we could...Read More

Wallace Thornhill explains Electric Universe

A beautiful talk that covers how elegant and simple the Electric Universe theory is. Originally started back in the 1920's by Walter Russell, this concept has very deep roots in science and can provide many simple answers where traditional Atomic science requires very complex and convoluted models in place of...Read More

What is Time? What does it measure?

"All we have is time..." but what is time? Considering your entire life revolves around time, have you ever pondered what it was? Time is not a thing, it is a relationship between things. Watch this wonderful video and redefine the thing that makes us humans unique :)

A better explanation in magnetics

Here is a video from a very smart man Ken Wheeler. He has a book available for download that you can read at your own pace. I really do recommend it for any science minded people so that you can see fpor yourself, science really can't deal with magnetics simply...Read More