Avocados are ancient gold…

Avocados are an amazing food. Do you know where they come from? Watch and learn the amazing facts about avocados and how we still have them to this day. Eat well :)

You are connected to Earth’s electric field

RESONANCE - BEINGS OF FREQUENCY from james russell on Vimeo. Watch this compelling discussion about how frequencies impact our physical and mental beings. If science was honest about the damage commercial EMF radiation caused to our personal EMF balance, almost every big company would go bankrupt overnight and we could...Read More

How magnets can heal and help your body

A brilliant video that shows the different effects of the North and South poles of a magnet have on growing, living things. Watch the impact of having vegetables growing on strong neodymium magnets in an experiment you can do yourself at home. Something that most people underestimate is their own...Read More

Enter your Heart meditation

A wonderful meditation to help you connect to your heart again. Drunvelo has done a wonderful job in developing this mediation over 20 years, I have seen about 4 incarnations of it and this is by far the best for both men and women. Balance yourself and feel healthier :)

QiGong balances mind and body

QiGong is an ancient practice similar to TaiChi. It helps balance mind and body. It is known in the west as a "cognitive exercise" which means both hemispheres of your mind must work together to balance and move. A great way to reduce stress levels :)