Digital books written by Humming Mountains’ co-owners Jeremy and Samii.

All books are published in PDF format, so as you can print your downloaded copy if you chose to do so.

  • The Missing Manual by Jeremy John Shimmin – A book that redefines how you perceive yourself and others. This work contains some of Jeremy’s concentrated knowledge gained from over a decade working as a Master hypnotist, Master NLP practitioner and a professional magician. After 20 years of searching for the answer to “How do people work?” and “How do I get people to do what I want?”, this book contains everything you will ever need to know.
  • On the flipside of your eyelid – A children’s story of wonder; a story of imagination; a story of adventure. Set across many Australian landscapes and during all four seasons; the reader is given the opportunity to experience fantasy via all the senses. This story takes the reader on a journey that describes the importance of camaraderie, knowledge, observation and respect; and all the while maintaining delightful reverie. Written completely in rhyme. Suitable for all ages. Aimed at ages 5-12 years.