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What is Consciousness Healing?

A pod cast done with the awesome JoMo about Consciousness Healing. When so many tools exist in our modern world to make ourselves better, why do so many people still feel bad? The simple answer is, it is how we in the Western world approach health. This is a much...Read More

Feel more secure and confident

Meditation to feel more secure.... This is an older pod cast I did whilst talking to a great friend Angus. The discussion began way before I hit record but luckily Angus was paying attention. Kindly he reminded me that other people may want this information to help them. In this...Read More

Simple confidence booster meditation

Confidence booster you can do anytime.... This is one of my oldest clips from You Tube, done over 7 years ago. It uses an NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) technique that was taught to me by the great Robb Whitewood that has helped over 20,000 people feel more confident in under...Read More