2M2P – Dealing with setbacks in life

A discussion about how to deal with setbacks in life from a philosophical point of view. Part of the 2 Minutes 2 Ponder series that looks at subjects we seldom spend time thinking about to give us a better understanding of ourselves.

Setbacks in life are something that we all have happen. Sometimes they don’t bother us, other times they can totally derail us. Life will always be life, no matter what we do as individuals. Life will carry on as it has done for way longer than we have been around for. This little story is a parable I wrote to help remind people about how we are part of life and don’t really have much say in what happens to us. We can influence it with every decision we make, like a person swimming left or right to avoid a rock as they float down stream, but life has a way of hiding things underwater and a wise person always is prepared for those such events.

I guess the important thing I want to convey in this clip is this: Even though life thrown some horrible things our way, in some way, every trauma allows us to grow and evolve as people. It all has to do with how you handle the events that you don’t expect.

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